Domaine Bois Mayaud

Soraya & Ludovic Boucher



We have the pleasure to welcome you, all year long, in our wine-tasting cellar showroom, in order to offer you a moment of conviviality, exchange and authenticity, around our collection “Matière” in AOP (Appellation of Controlled Origin) Saint Nicolas de Bourgeil and “Racines” en AOP (Appellation of Controlled Origin) Bourgeuil.


Our domain holds the name of the place where our wine cella ris situated, at the foot of the valley, making the most of the coolness of the Loire river and of the Bois Mayaud (The Mayaud Wood).

The family property is in the heart of the Saint Nicolas de Bourgeuil, at the border of the forest, where the vineyard started three generations ago.


Our vineyard stretches on 12 acres, mostly set facing towards the south, and protected from the northern winds by the forest, it benefits from an exceptional micro climate. Our wines are from the cabernet franc graes, they blossom on the ground of limestone and tuffeau stone, and are treated with the highest natural respect, (covered with grass, natural fertiliser, treatments).


“And the vines serve us well and offer us grapes of the highest quality, our primary ressource”. Then in the wine warehouse : the fermentation is done in our thermo-regulated vat, and depending of the vintage, the maceration can last between 10 to 30 days.

And finally comes the moment worth waiting for. The maturation, witch takes place in vats and in French oak Casks, in our limestone cellars.

Worried about the protection of our planet and of the animals, we have made the choice not to use products from animal origin in our vinification and corks.

Our collections

Organic winemaking

These collections are produced with attention, rigour and passion, thanks to the prior work in the vineyard : the leaf removal, which allows a better aeration of the fruit, the manual sorting of the fruit prior to the havesting and the optimal phenolic control.

Pirate de Loire

AOP Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil No sulfites added

Collection matière

AOP Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil

Collection racines

AOP Bourgueil

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